Privacy Policy

              Last updated: January 10 2019

              Sybl is a decentralized, location-based notification system. Its mission is to enable you to share information with the nearby public as well as to discover events and breaking news around you. By becoming a registered user, you can broadcast a Sygnl (a term that refers to a message broadcasted on Sybl), with the option to attach a photo or a video, to every nearby user who are within a set distance. This distance, measured in kilometres, is called the proximity, and is set by the broadcaster at the time of broadcast, up to a maximum of 10 kilometres depending on the broadcast channel. You do not need to create an account in order to use all of our Services. Unregistered users, known as Observers, are unable to broadcast Sygnls but are able to receive and discover nearby Sygnls.

              Because Sybl is an open platform where everyone can see everyone’s broadcasted Sygnls, we focus on providing a safe environment free of noise and abuse and we take privacy, authenticity and security very seriously.

                Information Sybl Collects

                The information we collect can be divided into two types:

                • Information Sybl collects from Observers (unregistered users)
                • Information Sybl collects from registered users

                  Information Sybl Collects From Observers

                  Observers are users who have Sybl installed on their mobile device but have not registered for an account. These users are eligible to receive and view all broadcasted Sygnls, but are unable to broadcast any Sygnls themselves, hence their role is merely to observe. Here are the information we collect from Observers:

                  • Usage Information. We collect information on how you use the Sybl app. For example, we collect information about what filters you have set, which Sygnls you have read, and your in-app settings.
                  • Device Information. We collect device-specific information such as hardware model, operating system version, advertising identifier, unique device identifiers, and unique application identifiers.
                  • Location Information. With your consent, Sybl collects information about your current location while the app is running and/or when the app is not running. For the latter, Sybl requires this level of access because it needs to know your most current location in order to determine which Sygnls can reach you.
                  • Log Information. As you use the Sybl app and interact with our servers, we collect log information for every request the app makes. This includes details about how you used our Services, device information, access times, and location.

                  Information Sybl Collects From Registered Users

                  In order for you to begin broadcasting Sygnls using the Sybl app, you must register for an account. During the process, we collect some personal information from you. Sybl treats privacy very seriously and we believe that the best way to protect your safety is to simply not ask too much for your personal information. On top of what we collect from Observers, the additional information we collect from registered users are as follows:

                  • Account Information. When you register for a Sybl account, we require some contact information from you, which is limited to your phone number and email address only. This information is required because no password is needed to access your Sybl account. A one-time password that expires after a definite time window is generated and delivered to you via SMS or email instead.
                  • Profile Information. In Sybl, every user has a basic profile which includes your real name and a profile picture you may provide. This profile is publicly visible by other users.
                  • Authentication-Related Information. To help create and maintain a trusted environment and content authenticity, we may collect identification (like a photo of your government-issued ID) or other authentication information in order to validate that you are a real human being and that you are who your profile says you are. During the beta period, this process will be omitted and everyone will be treated as verified individuals upon registration.
                  • Camera and Photos. With your consent, Sybl may access your camera and photo library on your mobile device in order for you to use the device camera and attach photos stored in your device when you are broadcasting a Sygnl.

                How Sybl Uses the Collected Information

                We use, store, and process information about you to provide, understand, improve, and develop Sybl, and to create and maintain a trusted and safer environment. To list a few examples of how we may use the information we collect:

                • To provide you with a safe and trusted environment by validating the authenticity of every user's account and profile information, ensuring that they are a real human being and that they have only one account.
                • To monitor and analyze trends and usage in Sybl.
                • To send you communications by email only. For example, we may use email to respond to support inquiries or to share information about our products and services that we think may interest you.
                • To deliver Sygnls to your device by using your location and to determine which Sygnls are near you.

                We may also store some information locally on your device. For example, we may store information such as local cache so that you can open the app and view content faster.

                  Information Sharing

                  Sybl does not sell information about our users to third parties, including advertisers, data brokers, search engines, or anyone else. We may share your information, including personal information, with third parties only if 1) you tell us it is OK to do so, or 2) if we believe that we need to do so to comply with applicable law or legal obligations. We will do our best to resist baseless legal requests to access information. However, we may disclose your information or content to satisfy a law, regulation, legal process, governmental request, or governmental order. Sybl’s policy is to give you advance notice if we are going to release your information unless by law we are prohibited from or advised against doing so.

                    Account Visibility

                    The only time your profile is visible by other users is when you broadcast a Sygnl. We endorse an open, transparent, trusted and safe environment, hence every time you broadcast a Sygnl, your real name is revealed. The only personal information presented on your public profile is your profile picture and real name. Other personal information such as your phone number or email address is hidden. To ensure the authenticity of content, no one is anonymous on Sybl and we implement methods to ensure that every individual only has one account.

                      Deletion of Accounts and Data

                      You can delete your Sybl account at any time through the Settings view in the app. When you delete your account, all your existing broadcasted Sygnls will be deleted along with all stored personal information about your account in our database.

                        Changes to the Privacy Policy

                        We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will let you know when we make changes by either sending you an email if it is a significant change or notify you inside the app. We will also update the date at the top of this Privacy Policy to indicate the last updated date.

                          Contact Information

                          We welcome your comments or questions regarding this Privacy Policy. Please email us at

                          Sybl is currently in closed-beta

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