Sybl is born from the notion that we need a better way to notify each other in close [physical] proximity. Our goal is to raise situation awareness through a decentralized notification system where active users can inform and passive users can be informed.

What is happening around me right now? How can I inform passerby of what's happening right here? Sybl aims to be the go-to platform for answering these questions.

The concept of Sybl is derived from the mass communication media that exist today, all of which are able to drive situation awareness to consumers, yet all of which have their own shortcomings. TVs and radios are capable of delivering recent news to consumers, but requires consumers to be around these devices at the time of broadcast, hence compromising accessibility. Social media allows you to share information with a segregated group of audiences within your social circle across the entire globe. While highly accessible, location-relevancy is not guaranteed. Governments began to deliver municipal alerts to citizens through cellular services, but the information delivered is highly coupled to internal protocols without the freedom of opting out. Store owners and event organizers rely on signages and promotional handouts to drive surrounding foot traffic. In this case, reachability is restricted. We believe that situation awareness is a time-sensitive and location-sensitive matter. Sybl intends to fill in these gaps.

By creating a decentralized notification system where the delivery of information is driven by you rather than institutions, organizations, or government bodies, we believe that the content will be authentic and diversified. By embodying this solution into an app which can leverage the technology of your smartphones, we believe that a balance of accessibility and efficiency can be achieved.

Sybl connects us in the physical world.

Sybl is currently in closed-beta

Sybl will be rolling out region by region. Be amongst the first to try Sybl by leaving your email and letting us know where you are!